The Better You Do, The Better You Do!

The better you do, the better you do. The trick then, is always to do better than you did in the past and refine your skills. Success follows success and placing your best foot forward on the front end will allow you to build a solid foundation from which to do better. Further, the better you do, the more you realize what you plant will eventually be harvested. Below are three principles to doing better:

Ace it before you start.

Play a highlight reel in your mind’s eye of what you hope to achieve. The mind has a way of manifesting what it is fed. Be diligent with how you think and play out the important actions, steps and words that must be spoken to accomplish your goal. Not doing so leaves a foundation that will sink when the weight is added to the structure.

Realize perfection is stagnation.

If you are able to perfect something, then chances are your are not being pushed enough out of your comfort zone to do better. Not to say one should not strive for excellence, but with any initiative; the law of diminishing returns persists and will then prevent you from doing better. Allow imperfection so you can focus on the bigger picture and continue to push forward.

Understand the seeds you sow will be harvested.

If you sow dissent and ill-will to those around you; your harvest will be so. Whereas if you sow grace, encouragement and support; your harvest will be so. The same rings true for success. The better you prepare the soil before sowing seeds the greater your yield will be. This is why it is important to understand that every word you utter and every thought that flashes through your mind has a tremendous impact on your World.
In sum, to create the virtuous cycle of doing better: ace it before you start, realize perfection is stagnation and understand the seeds you sow will be harvested.

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