Sheep Walker: How not to be one

Sheep walkers are those who are cognitively asleep yet still able to go through the motions of everyday life while blindly following any and all influences. Sheep walkers are so focused on the steps in front of them, it is too late when they step off of the cliff. Below are three steps on how not be a sheep walker:

Look up

The best way to ensure you are not a sheep walker is to look up. Observe what those in front, beside, behind and ahead of you are of doing and how they respond to certain stimuli. Are those around you behaving rationally or irrationally? Simply because there is a trail leading somewhere does not mean that is where you ought to head. Eventually, the trail may lead you to the slaughter house or the interest of those leading the sheep.


Thinking takes work. If you do not want to think, others will do it for you and to their own benefit. The sheep walker does not ask questions and takes circumstances at face value. Ensure that you think critically and independently about the direction you are going. Sheep walkers follow the crowd and believe everything they hear. They do not question the integrity of what they are being fed and are quite happy to walk down the trail without knowing where it goes. Therefore, think and know where you are going.

Understand wolves wear sheep’s skin

Sheep walkers assume those around them are also sheep. Sheep believe it is much safer to follow the crowd as they feel everyone around them could not possibly be wrong. The sheep enjoys a false sense of security in the crowd. To ensure you are not a sheep, you must understand that often times when you think you are surrounded by sheep, there is a high probability there are numerous wolves among the ranks. Those who are overly friendly or drinking too much of the Kool Aide are suspect. Be on the lookout for those who may create an environment too easy or comfortable that prevents you from looking up and thinking.


To not be a sheep walker you must: look up, think and understand wolves wear sheep’s skin. What are you doing to protect yourself from the motives, drives and desires of the World? How will you pave the way to greatness?

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