Logical Thinkers : Robots are Replacing You!

When I was in high school and College, I worked as a bike mechanic. One of my daily tasks was to count inventory and ensure we had adequate parts to service all of the bikes we “felt” would come through the doors. This practice followed a very logical process: (1) count and record all of the parts via each unique part number, (2) check to see if the max or min quantities are within parameter, and (3) execute orders as necessary. Today, every activity I just mentioned is able to be easily executed by a computational algorithm. Humans need not apply.

Allow this very short example to be a warning to all who are of the school of thought that logical thinking is the path to living a good life. Logical thinking is a common practice that will eventually be completely taken over by algorithms and leveraged by those who do not think logically. For example, it is now logical to fill your vehicle with gas in an effort to power a combustion engine for your daily commute. The reality is however, at one point it was not logical to try and compress a liquid in an effort to create small controllable explosions to then drive a piston which will turn a crankshaft to spin a wheel thus allowing you to commute. If we continue to repeat the logical sequences we have been taught by mass education, the output is predictable, common and unimaginative. Instead, if we allow the machines to live in the world of logic (machines are well positioned to do this), then we can begin living more and more in the illogical realm thus living a more uncommon life.

Therefore, do not think logically. Instead, outsource your logical thinking to robots so you can leverage your head space to generate the unrelated connections that an algorithm cannot yet derive value from.



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