Vacuums: People Will Fill the Void

Why it’s important to communicate clearly and often.

The law of entropy states: the total entropy of any system can’t decrease other than by increasing the entropy of some other system. Hence, in a system isolated from its environment, the entropy of that system tends not to decrease.

How does the law of entropy apply to people and leadership?

Quite simply, a house that is not maintained will crumble over time. It requires external energy to ensure the roof is not leaking, the plumbing is sound and the foundation is strong. Just as a house must be constantly maintained, it is so for those you lead.

With absence (lack of communication, presence and general care) our personnel ecosystems will decay over time. If a communication vacuum exists, people will fill the void with their own narrative and often times that narrative will be exceedingly dangerous. Without constant energy being placed into the personnel ecosystem the entity will quickly degrade and eventually be destroyed. This would be analogous to the Earth not receiving any sunlight. Without the external source of energy, nothing works!

It amazes me when leaders are so shocked when their people do not  complete certain tasks or are not performing the way they expect them to. In most cases, it is not the employee’s fault, but the leader’s inability to clearly communicate and breath energy into the ecosystem. This takes constant work and nourishment which also means the leader must obtain their energy from external sources as well such as from God, mentors and those who are able to hold him or her accountable for their actions. Nothing in life happens in isolation; every conversation, facial gesture and interaction with another human being will have iterative effects well into the future in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

In sum, when you lead you must be present, available and vulnerable. Allow yourself to be filled with energy from your mentors and begin to pave the way for clarity and focus for your team. Happy leading!


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