Pulling the Arrow All of the Way Back

In archery, there is one goal – hit your target. There is much practice and skill that goes into hitting the mark: (i) notching the arrow, (ii) proper finger placement, (iii) stability and (iv) pulling back and releasing the arrow. In life, there are universal truths that are quite easy to adhere to which yield to success, yet very few of us realize our full potential because we are unwilling to pull the arrow all of the way back. Below is a simple outline to help ensure you have all of the necessary steps to hit your desired target:

Notch Your Arrow

The first step to success is to notch your arrow. An unwillingness to miss the mark means you will never gain the practice to hone your skills. Instead, select your tool (skill, connections, resources) and notch your arrow.

Observe Finger Placement

Having the right tools at your disposal alone will not guarantee success. You must ensure your resources are aligned properly with the propellant. Where you place your focus is just as important as where you are aiming. Ensure that everything you do is in alignment with your goals.


Having a strong foundation established on enduring principles instead of fads and material gain will allow you to focus on the structures necessary to launch your arrow no matter the weather you are faced with.

Pulling Back and Releasing the Arrow

Having all of the skills does not mean a thing if you are not willing to pull back the string and release. I am reminded of those individuals who are perpetually in school to further their knowledge, yet do not have the follow through/risk tolerance to pull back the arrow and release. We will certainly miss the mark, but at times we very well may hit the mark and collect feedback to hone in our skills which is better than the alternative of not releasing any arrows out of fear.


In all that you do, pull the arrow all of the way back, aim, release and adjust!






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