Unexpected Connections

Unexpected connections are what truly brings value to an organization, life, products and family. It’s the interconnectedness that was once thought not connected which allows one to bring light to a city (electricity and the light bulb), electricity from falling water, wind, the sun and oil for the combustion engine. It is through such unexpectedness that will bring humanity to the next level. Below are three simple concepts one can take to make connections that were once never thought of:

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and critical thinking cannot coexist. There are limitless possibilities during creativity and limited possibilities while thinking critically. Thus, to create unexpected connections one must become disciplined enough to allocate unfettered time for creative thinking free from critical analysis. This will allow you to generate ideas that are not currently connected to being so.

Critical Thinking

Discipline is the key. Creative thinking must occur first, then reality can set in. Allow the critical mind to take the lead and poke holes through the ideas that are not reasonable to arise to the concept that will bring the most value. Again, creative thinking and critical thinking cannot coexist and ideally each thinking session should be carried out with a minimum of one day’s separation to allow the mind to fully assimilate the full situation at hand. Lastly, while critically thinking, it is important to remain objective. This is particularly important while working with a team. The more objectivity not tied to ego, the better your ideation (creative thinking) sessions will become and thus create  an environment that is safe for future creative ideation sessions.

Realize Everything is Related Through Unrelatedness

It is only when we are aware of interconnectedness through everything we do, see and experience will true Earth shattering breakthroughs occur. Through two things which may appear to be polar opposites (magnets) will true power (electricity)  exist. By humbling yourself to the reality that anything is possible despite your education or what you perceive to “know”, will allow you to remain open to the possibilities of unrelatedness.


The unexpected connections in life are the ones that we remember. It’s how we are able to control our homes, check email and capture photos with our phones. The value of life is found in the unexpected connections that are waiting to be discovered.




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