Being Successful versus Becoming Successful

There are thousands of self-help books on the market that try to describe a road map for success. Do “x” and you will get “y”. Many such books require the reader to complete numerous exercises to arrive to a successful methodology, yet the premise behind the aforementioned books is that the individual reading the book is not already successful. Thus the controversy; which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Being that each and every individual walking this Earth is a miracle, I am in the camp that an individual is already successful before they become labeled as such by society. Every individual is able to tap into an internal, universal  power, that few pursue and thus creates the fallacy that one can become successful. Thought precedes action and hence becoming something is inherently in being which is rooted in presence. Therefore, those of you pursuing success (whatever that may be), realize that you are already so and let the light from within guide your actions, thoughts, interactions and processes.

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