Discerning God’s Will

God’s will? What is it and how can we make space to listen?

There are over 1,200 pages in the Bible (depending on which version you read) and it is filled with wisdom passed down throughout the ages. Yet, discerning God’s Will can at times be overwhelming to the point of paralysis.

God’s will can be boiled down to this: Love God and Love Others. That simple. Basic questions to ask yourself are: (i)  how is what I am doing going to demonstrate my love for God and others, (ii) how will those around me be blessed by my actions, (iii) are the talents God has given me being used for His will, not mine and (iv) do my actions bear the most fruit for the kingdom? We often times do what is most comfortable and beneficial for ourselves, yet the Bible commands that we live sacrificially.

Below are are three simple steps you can implement NOW to create space to listen:

Be aware of the voice inside your head

Pay attention to the words your own mind are speaking to you. Are you creating enemies in your own mind or are those around you no greater or lesser than yourself? Know your inner voice and begin to observe the thoughts it perpetuates and recognize the lies that are fed to you. The simple act of observing your own mind will allow you to create the space to listen and discern His will.

Create a highlight real of your day

Close your eyes for one minute and create a highlight real of what your day will look like, Outline what you will accomplish and how you will show grace to those around you and carry out God’s Will. Be sure to visualize how you will love those around you just as you are loved.

Dive into the Word

It’s funny how oftentimes we “Christians” will read books about the Good Book written by other authors, yet we neglect actually reading the Bible itself. Take a few minutes, preferably in the morning to read a few passages in the Bible before you begin your day. With each passage read, you will gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a true disciple of God.

Final thoughts

Discerning God’s Will begins with awareness. Be aware of the voice inside your head and simply acknowledge it is there. Next, take one minute to generate a highlight real of how your day will go with the intent of Loving God and Loving others. Lastly, dive into the Word daily. Whether you read one passage or a whole chapter, the simple act of reading the Bible daily will keep you attuned to your thought patterns and help you to align with your true purpose on this Earth.

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