Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes: 5 Ideas on How to Initiate Change

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Yet, we  do the same things in life expecting a different result. Why then are we so surprised when we are in the same rut day in and day out when we are not willing to change any of the processes that yield to the deepening of the aforementioned rut?

What you need to do today to ensure you do not just spin your wheels digging a deeper rut.

Quit looking and move

The quickest way to not make positive change in your life is to sit around and look for the next best thing or the perfect circumstance to create change. The only time to create change is now, not next week, next year, or thereafter. Further, simply thinking the grass is greener on the other side will allure you into not changing anything. Instead, think about ways to make the grass you do have greener and work from there.

Do not go after what is easy

Pursuing  what is easy will lead to unsatisfying accomplishments and triumphs . Further, such pursuits will not grow and challenge you to make positive change in your life. The easy road will be sought out by many and thus dilute the fruit at the end of the journey. Instead, go after what is difficult and beyond what you can wrap your mind around. The men and women before us who strove to be different and push the envelope is why you are able to read this article anywhere in the World with cutting edge technology.

Involve and inspire others

Change in isolation is rarely satisfying or beneficial. Instead, find others who believe in your vision and inspire them to create change with you. Not only will those around you provide a different perspective to the change you wish to initiate, but they will also likely be gifted in areas you are not thus multiplying your efforts.

Observe, adjust, repeat (O.A.R.)

After you make the decision to change, use the OAR (observe, adjust and repeat) method to refine and guide your next moves.
  1. Observe (but not too long): Assess what is working well and what is not. Who is being impacted by the change you initiated and does what you are trying to accomplish do the most good?
  2. Adjust: After you have observed the impact the initial change has generated, strengthen the positive outcomes and mitigate the negative outcomes.
  3. Repeat: Once the adjustment phase has commenced, begin observing once more with an eye on how to fine tune the changes to maximize positive impacts.

The OAR method will remind you that if nothing changes (adjusted), nothing changes.

Listen, but not too closely

It is essential to solicit feedback from those around you while making changes, but if you listen too closely you will inherently hear grumblings and complaining from those the changes are affecting. Change is naturally uncomfortable for most, but is imperative to embrace in the fast paced environment we now live in. That is why feedback and listening to others is a must, but do so with a discerning ear and appreciation for the psychological impact change has on society.

Final thoughts

In sum, nothing changes if nothing changes. We have no right to complain about circumstance if we are not willing to change what we do. Therefore, quit looking and move, do not go after what is easy, involve and inspire others, utilize the OAR method and listen, but not too closely. When and how will you initiate change?

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