Better to make the rules then follow them!

Following the rules is not fun. It’s much better to be the one making the rules. Four simple ideas on how to be the one who makes and breaks the rules follow:

Think outside the box

If you are going to break the rules, you at least have to think outside the box. Simply breaking the rules because you feel like will likely end you up in jail or dealing with things that get in the way of being the one to make the rules. Therefore, you must think differently than others and question the sanity of the existing rules and regulations that persist.

Demand change

You must not take the status quo as gospel. In fact, you must demand change (positive) in every faction of your life. Not doing so will lead you to a life of zombie like rule following. Some people are meant to blindly follow rules, but chances are if you are ready this, you are not one of those people. Instead, press forward and initiate positive change which will lead to new rules being developed for the game of life.

Lead; don’t manage

Managers have no business making rules as they simply enforce the rules and regulations dictated by the leaders. Instead, become a leader no matter what level of influence you have. Managers are not expected to think and press forward. Therefore, lead, push the envelope and inspire those in your sphere of influence to be great.

Embrace the fact that stability is an illusion

When you being making rules, expect and encourage such rules to be broken and challenged. Stability is an illusion and when you believe you have something figured out consider yourself a fool. Not doing so will negate the fact that you have absolutely no control of the trillions of particles meticulously positioned throughout the universe. Therefore, humble yourself to the realization that once your rules are established, they are antiquated and are waiting to be picked off and changed.

Final thoughts

To make the rules of life you must: demand change, lead and embrace change. Make the rules with the hopes and expectations they will be broken by future generations to further the cause.

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