The Power of Ideas

The single most powerful thing on Earth is an idea. Ideas have created electricity, the wheel, cellphones, computers, airplanes, nuclear power and a myriad of other benefits that propel the human race forward. Yet, many of us spend very little time coming up with and creating environments to generate ideas. Below are three things you can do right now to keep your mind generating ideas and open to the world around you.

Become a hunter

Ideas will rarely just come to you. You must actively seek ideas and remain attentive to new ideas throughout all facets of your life. Often times, the best ideas occur through leisure activities that are seemingly unrelated to the idea generated. Therefore, you must constantly be on the hunt for ideas whether you are at the movies, running, socializing with friends or listening to music. Good leaders know that solutions to complex problems emanate from seemingly unrelated events. The more connections we make the greater the likelihood of solving high value problems.

Remain disciplined

Generating quality ideas comes through the refining and disciplined methodology of finding connections between processes and systems that were once thought unrelated. It is through the unrelatedness that true value emerges. Therefore, it is essential to keep your mind open to new ideas no matter how far-off they might appear. This takes much discipline to live out, but the reward will be great.

Visualize what the successful idea looks like

Visualization is a very powerful tool. The mind is very fluid and changes based off of what it is fed. If you actively visualize what the next great idea will accomplish, your mind will eventually find a way to make it reality. Just as it was once thought  running under a four minute mile was impossible for humans, so it is for the power of our minds. We have unlimited potential that is just waiting to be cultivated and released to the world.


Unleash the power of your mind by fostering an environment where ideas are generated freely. Pursue the process of generating ideas, create a disciplined approach to bring about ideas that are both freeing and focused at the same time and visualize what success looks like to foster and expound upon the ideas that grow legs. What ideas will you nourish to generate value for the generations ahead of you?

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