Impressed vs Impressive

John Maxwell said it best “be impressed, not impressive”. If you wish to influence people you must focus on those  around you, not yourself. Below are five steps outlining how to  be impressed by others and how to influence them to do great works.

Listen to others.

Listen to those around you and let them be the ones to do the impressing. By listening to what they have to say you will gain greater influence in their lives and find out what makes them tick. Puffing up your chest and outlining your superior skills has a reciprocal affect on what you are trying to accomplish. Instead, listen to others and let them be the center of attention.

Ask questions of others.

Asking questions of others allows you to gain a greater insight to what they are trying to accomplish and what they are about. The more they talk, the more comfortable and valued they will feel. Therefore, they will be more motivated to achieve and thus acquire a greater self worth while being more willing to work as a cohesive unit to obtain the goals that lay ahead.

Do not be the center of attention.

Allow others to be the center of attention and you will find your influence over others will greatly increase. By not seeking to be the center of attention you will naturally listen more to others and ask questions that will give you opportunities to become impressed by their abilities and experiences. There is no need to seek fame and fortune as such pursuits are meaningless without strong relationships at your foundation.

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