One Goal a Day

Charlie is a quiet, reflective man who is very focused when at work and at home. He checks his email only at eleven o’clock and three o’clock because he knows bending to the will of his email is neither productive nor healthy. He records one goal for work and one goal for home that he must accomplish by day’s end to insure he is meeting his own expectations.

Conversely, Johnny is not so focused. He is easily distracted and sways with wind. When an email pops up on his screen, he immediately responds thinking his promptness will earn him that big promotion he has been waiting for years to obtain. When he arrives at home, he is unfocused and does not have a plan of action or aspiration for his kids nor his wife. He simply exists.

The two men are of equal IQ and both have the same educational background, yet Charlie will become the CEO of the company while Johnny will remain in his cubicle. The difference between the two men resides in their discipline or lack thereof. Much like investing over time, placing a little money in the stock market on a regular basis yields great returns, while not doing anything yields, well, nothing. Charlie framed his life with achievable daily goals that propelled him toward something great, while Johnny let the emails and others dictate his goals for him.

If you do not manage your dreams, others will. One goal a day is like money in the bank. With each daily goal that is accomplished comes a more fruitful life that is focused, disciplined, and productive.

-Justin A. Burger, MBA

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