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3 Reasons the Status Quo is Not Sustainable

A close friend and mentor of mine once said “Justin, the status quo is not sustainable”. We were talking politics and macro economics, but in unpacking his statement further, it became apparent the status quo is not sustainable in all facets of life.
In the following paragraphs are 3 reasons the status quo is not fruitful and what you can do to build sustainability in your life.

The Only Constant is Change

Simply because something worked once does not mean it will work again. Information, situations, inputs, and outputs change. Exact conditions are not 100% repeatable. Therefore, resting fully on past experiences without regard to positive or negative exeternalities is a dangerous modus operandi. It is essential to account for and expect variables that are unknown. Mentally preparing for change before embarking on an initiative will keep your mind flexible and willing to stretch beyond what is known.

Lady Luck is a Double Edged Sword

Being at the right place at the right time is 100% of the battle. Often times we over estimate our abilities and fail to take into account luck, Without attributing some of your success to luck will make you falsely believe you are in total control and thus close your mind to new possibilities. Not resting on your laurels means you expose yourself to opportunities to be lucky. For example, when trading currencies, it only takes one good trade to make you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, it only takes one bad trade to lose thousands of dollars. The trick is to mitigate your risk and allow yourself to monopolize on the lucky events and cut-off the unlucky events before they bring you down. Simply sitting on your hard earned money without investing it will do you little good and bring little wealth and prosperity. Making money is only a quarter of the battle. Making your money work for you is the other 75%.  Do not fool yourself into thinking money in the bank is good enough. You are falling prey to the status quo.

1977 Study: 94% of Professors Thought They were Smarter Than Peers

If 94% of your colleagues think they are smarter than their peers, what impetus is there to further their education, knowledge and understanding? We are very good at overestimating our abilities and underestimating the role that good fortune plays in our lives. It is essential to remain humble and realize that you do not know everything and should therefore seek out others to refine your ideas, processes and proposals. Resting on your own knowledge is short sighted, myopic, and dangerous. Gain the greater picture by consulting the lower 94%.
In a closed system without external inputs entropy will persist and the system will degrade. Thus, on the micro scale, anything that warrants your efforts will require constant updating, changing and refining to prevent your work from becoming antiquated or destroyed. Thus, it is important to choose  the initiatives that receive your attention wisely and only pursue ventures where the status quo is unacceptable in your mind. Otherwise, your efforts will be squandered on mediocre tasks with dismal return. Instead, focus on aspects of your life where you are motivated to surpass the status quo.

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