The Grit Factor. Do You Have it?

Let’s face it, we lack grit. We would rather take the path of least resistance to remain comfortable and unbothered with “big problems”. Grit in this context is defined as “courage and resolve; strength of character”. In the competitive world, it means wanting the prize more than your competition.

The grit factor is often ignored as a quality trait that should be sought after. How far are you willing to ethically go to achieve a goal? Will you go the distance to ensure the competition does not stand a chance of stealing your customers?

Take the plunge to increase your grit factor by following the below steps:

Be willing to stare down the barrel of a .45

Mentally be willing to look down the barrel and stand for what is just and right. Bending to the will of others is not an option and acquiescing to the competition will not happen. In business, there are winners and losers. No in between or second place. Take the steps to strengthen your resolve and willingness to take on challenges no one else is willing to engage in. The reward is in the risk.

Win the Battle Before You Begin

Know walking into a negotiation or proposal that you are going to win because of your superior preparation and excellence. Otherwise, engaging in the activity is fruitless. Winning is the only option and must be at the forefront of your mind.

Face Challenges Head On

Do not shrink from the impossible. What is perceived as impossible is the product of small minds and those who lack the grit to make it happen. Boil down the challenge to the most simplistic part and attack it from the ground up. The answer lies within the work others are not willing to engage in.

Realize You are Not a Victim

Victims do not take action. Therefore, you are not a victim, ever. If you lose your job, it is not because of a poor economy, it is because you need to get your act together and figure it out. The buck stops with you and the extenuating circumstances around you do not exist.

Understand You Will Work More Than Others

Having grit means you are willing to put in the extra time to make yourself stand above the crowd. To be considered an expert, you just need to know more than the one your are teaching. Therefore, allot for the time to know more than those around you. The payoff is what you put in.

Welcome a Kick in the Pants

Be willing and open to harsh criticism. Take your punches, adjust, and overcome. Without such lesson, means less experience, which means bigger and more costly mistakes further down the line. Make your mistakes early, fail early, and receive the “free education” with grace and admiration. It will pay dividends well into the future.

Surround Yourself With Straight Shooters

Folks who sugar coat reality are a waste of your time and resources. While it may be flattering and make you feel good, such embellishments are detrimental to you decision making processes. Seek those who speak truth and will let you know when you when you are about to make a mistake.


We have become too accustomed to comfort, lack of challenge, and apathy. Instead, seek out opportunities to increase your grit factor to not only strengthen your resolve, but to also live a life worth living. There is no reward without risk and the greatest risk is not living with the time we have left here on Earth.
Therefore, achieve the grittiness  life requires and engage the World!

-Justin A. Burger, MBA

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