Marketing: How You Catch Them is How You Keep Them

Marketers make a point to be very attractional and ensure their products are flashy sprinkled with all of the subliminal tricks they can pull out of their playbook to ensure prospects purchase their product. This plan works extremely well at filling the pipeline with prospects; however, should the frame of reference that is projected not be maintained, the likelihood of keeping customers for the long haul diminishes greatly. This is why the “how you catch them is how you keep them” adage is often the number one rule marketers break before they even release their first round of material.

Marketers and small businesses try to make products and services look as glamorous as possible (which in and of itself is a good thing); however, falsely marketing and highlighting a persona that is not fully true to the culture and offerings will inevitably cause the marketing campaign to implode at best and  sink the entire organization at worst.

Below are some small steps to ensure you keep your catch:

Under Promise and Over Deliver

The mind frames all decisions based off a reference point. If the point of reference you portray does not meet expectations, the customer will feel bamboozled and move elsewhere. This is not to say you should “sandbag”; however, a little modesty goes a long way toward creating a long lasting customer relationship that will blossom into “free” word of mouth marketing. Therefore, leave yourself enough room in your marketing campaign to “wow” the customer with over and above service that is not expected.

Keep it Simple

If you have to catch your customer through glitz and glam, you better be able to consistently provide the same experience moving forward. Not doing so weakens your legitimacy and creates mistrust.

The more words used in your marketing campaign creates greater expectations, confusion, and opportunities for disappointment and misunderstandings. Remember, a higher word count creates less value.

Know What You Are Trying To Catch

Catching carp when you when you are trying to catch bass doesn’t do any body much good. It hurts the carp and disappoints the fisherman.Tailor your marketing campaign to what you plan to keep. Not all business is good business. The more focused and narrowed your target, the greater the return.

Therefore, it is important to remember that how you catch your customers discerns how they will stay with you.

Happy marketing!

-Justin A. Burger, MBA

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