Thinking Patterns: Expectation Creates Reality

Two boys named John and Andrew grew up in the same middle class neighborhood, attended the same schools, and were afforded similar opportunities. John’s parents always told him that he was expected to do great things and make something of himself while Andrew’s parents had no expectations for him in the least. This is not to say that Andrew’s parents were any less loving, just that they did not hold him to a higher standard.

Fast forward 20 years. Andrew is working at the local quickie mart and John is the VP of a business. What happened? Expectation created reality.

John was expected to excel and accomplish great things while Andrew was not expected to excel and accomplish great things. The internal thought process of every individual and expectations of each individual has a cumulative effect not only on an organization, but on society.

It is of the utmost importance for proper expectations to be conveyed, embraced, and channeled in efforts to create a reality worth living. This is why individuals must take a look at their own expectations and see if they like their reality. If the reality of what an individual is living is not acceptable, then the individual’s expectations are not acceptable. The individual must either increase expectations to make reality better or lower  expectations to remain in equilibrium with reality. When disharmony between expectations and reality persist, stress levels increase and quality of life decreases. Therefore, if one is disgruntled with one’s current reality, a change in expectations is in order.

-Justin A. Burger, MBA

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